Wednesday, October 10, 2012

energy currents and earthquakes

By the way, this is London at night. But it was a night shot
so I thought it was a propos for the story I wanted to share!
Random experience.

Last night we had an earthquake in my area. It wasn't big but it startled me awake and shook me up (pun intended)!

But then as I was settling back down, some weird shit happened that totally wigged me out. I don't know how to describe it well, but here goes:

It was as if the darkness was in flux and shifting, like the energy currents were out of sort and all distorted. I would look at the dresser and it was like I was seeing it through one of those funky amusement/carnival park mirrors, all curved and stretched. Everything in the room was shifty like that for me, so much so that I eventually just stuck my head in the pillow because it was playing with my senses too much and I needed it to stop.

Nothing was moving, the earthquake was relatively small, but it really felt like the energies were completely out of whack and trying to find their way back to where they normally are.

Have any of you ever had this experience? It really made me think about how the energy currents around us affect our perception of things and just how much energy is around us all the time that we don't feel because we're so used to the currents as they are.

Freaky deaky, but also kinda awesome and totally random!


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