Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WIP: Yesod Art Journal Page

This morning, post practice, I started working on this:

It's still rough but I'm not looking for any great merit badges for artistic abilities here! In fact, I'm more excited by a new element that seems to be surfacing in my practice as I work on the Tree of Life and my art journal.  I'm working on the element of fire and was surprised that as I meditated on the element, I found myself making this link to Yesod on the Tree of Life.  I find myself wading through the collective unconscious a lot these days in my meditations, pulling up ideas and thoughts that interconnect and spark when least expected.

I don't know that I would have naturally paired fire and the spark of an idea with Yesod, the location of collective images, the filter through which all ideas pass before being born in Malkuth, but it fits on some level and I like seeing fire in such a constructive way for a change. I have a tendency to shy away from fire because it feels to all consuming and overwhelming, too martial in nature. And yet, I love the brighter aspects of this element of transformation, creativity, and passion.

The body is totally distorted but you get the idea of where I want to go with this journal page. I find it intriguing how some pages I'll do in one sitting and others will come from a spark and then evolve as I work on them. Can't wait to see where this one leads me. I'm currently contemplating some decoupage to add into the mix...


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