Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Work in Progress: Tree of Life Art Journal

So lately I've been working on the Qabalistic Tree of Life:

I don't love this picture but it's a work in progress and I wanted to share it because it came about in a rather interesting way for me.  I do this relaxation exercise in Savasana pose in order to connect with the energies around me, relax my body and shut my brain up before starting my daily practice. Honestly it's sometimes the longest part of my practice because I just find it bloody hard to let go some days!

I was taught a visualization technique for it but have since learned that I do better if I concentrate on feeling the energy in the air around me instead of trying to build up a visualization. Why? Because I inevitably always try too hard and try to control it too much and just get in the way. By sensing the energies I'm just more relaxed and the visualization just flows in.

The other day, while I was doing this particular part of my practice I was struck by the idea for the image above and immediately stopped everything to create the sketch. It's not perfect and I may one day do one I like better, but for now, I like that it's a starting place for me to contemplate the sphere of Malkuth on the Tree.

Do you ever have those moments when inspiration strikes and you just have to jot it down and work on it? When this one hit me it felt very much like it was funneled through me, something akin to what I always think of as divine inspiration from a mush. It was pretty awesome!


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