Thursday, November 29, 2012

another 52 weeks?

People have asked me several times if I intend to do another round of 52 weeks of art journaling. And I have to admit that yes, there are times that I think yes, absolutely and times I think, no way.

The first half the 52 weeks project
I'm leaning more and more to the yes side (having a year break helped) but there's a catch. If I'm going to do it, I'm going to need help.

the last half of the 52 week project

If all goes well I will be bring Baby Faye into the world this summer and will be unable to organize posts for the last weeks of July and all of August.

So here's the deal... if some of you are willing to step in and take care of guest posting for at least 8 weeks (you can do it once or 8x if you're game), then I will take on the challenge again.

This means that your posts would have to be ready and delivered by the beginning of July (so you'd have 7 months to plan ahead and you could even pick your prompt and tell me in advance so that I don't use it).

So if you're interested and willing to commit, drop me a line (before Yule, ie, Dec 21st) at: aradiascauldron at gmail dot com


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