Thursday, November 15, 2012

art journal bits

While I was away, I worked on this piece:

It's a super simple piece but honestly, I just loved the verbal purging process of it. I feel myself reflecting back on 2012 and contemplating the year as it comes to a close, and this journal page is very much about that process for me.

From baby to health, to living according to my ideals... 2012 has been a big year of transition and I have to say that the idea of balance, my word of the year, has been central throughout it all even if it has often felt more like I've been unbalanced more than balanced. But it's been there as a theme all year long. And I find myself now contemplating what my word of 2013 will be.

I want something active. Change, Action, Achieve, Choose. I'm not quite sure but I know that the year ahead is going to be about going after what I want in my life. Not contemplation. Not healing. Going and getting and creating what I want to manifest in my world.

I don't know what it is this fall. Maybe it's the chaos of the Autumn session, but my mind is very much engaged in wrapping things up and a fresh start.


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