Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Halloween Goals Update

Halloween Goals:
1. Keep working on my Tree of Life art journal pages

WIP: This is what I have for Hod so far. It's weird actually, I started from a quick sketch I created in my practice journal, to this, which is bit (lot) less Hod in nature. We'll see what I do with the final creation!

2. Go Eco: stop driving to work and take public transit

I purchased a Nov train/bus/metro pass and it's been good so far. On a few days, because of time and other commitments, I've still driven into work. But for the most part I've been making the morning hike to the commuter train.

This is what my morning trek to the train looks like:

3. Get back into my daily practice

Not so good yet, but I've been travelling!

4. Watch my friend get married, visit Grandma, work on Christmas family history album with Mom

So my Mom totally didn't hold up her end of the bargain for the album project so that just didn't happen. After all, I can only do so much.

In terms of Grandma... OMG I love my Grandma, she's just the bestest. Really. We were laughing like crazy because she made some comment "I'd like to see a calorie. I'd bash it. Damn thing ruined my life." You'd have to have been there to fully appreciate the pure hilarity of the moment. But rest assured, it was totally amazeballs! 81 years old and my Grandma's still got it. She's totally one of my most favourite people in the world. I wish that everyone had such an amazing Grandma.

And then the wedding. Well let's put it this way. It was awesome but exhausting.

Friday: I flew into Vancouver, hung out with a friend for lunch/coffee/button sewing and walking conversations. Took the ferry to Nanaimo, had dinner with my parents, then met a friend for coffee in the evening. (Yes, I drank a lot of coffee while on the west coast). Day ran from 5am to 1:30am EST.

Some of my very best girlfriends! And all former roommates  
aturday: Woke up and drove down to Victoria. Helped set up reception room and ceremony space. Watched one of my oldest friends get married to an even older friend's little brother. It was one of the most, if not the most, beautiful, intimate and personal ceremonies I've ever been to. I cried and laughed and just loved witnessing their celebration/commitment/love. It was an odd experience because while I was a guest of the bride and I know her family and old friends, I was also hanging out with my other friend's family (groom side) because I grew up with her and her parents. I think this is part of what made it all the more intimate for me: the fact that I felt personally connected to over half of the guests there.  And then there was the reception. Good times.

Sunday: Drove back up to Nanaimo. Picked up my Mom. Drove up to Courtenay and spent the afternoon with my Grandma. Drove back to Nanaimo. Had dinner with my parents. Met another friend for coffee. Crawled into bed, exhausted, at 9:30pm PST (12:30 EST).

Monday: Woke up. Morning with my parents. Ferry to Vancouver. Bus and Skytrain to airport. Flew back home and arrived at 12:30 EST. In one day I was in a car, on a boat, on a bus, on a skytrain, on a plane and in a car again. Are there any forms of transportation that I missed? Eek!

5. Finish mantle and decorate it awesome for Yule

Well here's the mantle. Not quite sure what I'm going to do with it yet but I've got aspirations (or delusions) of grandeur:

6. Finish our house ready for family at Christmas list: To do

7. Do a Yule countdown art journal page

Done, but you don't get to see it yet!

8. Read 1 pagan learning/study type of book

What to read, what to read.... I haven't quite decided yet.


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