Friday, January 11, 2013

art and post 2012

So, slowly but surely I'm getting back into my creative groove. I'm feeling rusty but that's ok.

 I'm not looking to win any great prize for my creative endeavours.

Right now I'm just trying to take time during my lunch breaks to make time for some art. The college is quiet so I can stay in my office and draw without students knocking on my door (most of the time), so it's a good way (for me at least), to get back into the groove of things.

For now I'll do what I can, during those breaks, while I can, just to inspire and nurture my creativity again. I'm shying away from any hard and solid commitments at the moment in an effort to be gentle with myself at this point in time. And I'm just focusing on where I'm at in my life right now as I journal. And right now, well that's just, as much as I want it to be more, it's baby on the brain.

On the other hand though, I've been watching the Idle No More movement with great fascination and hope lately. One of the student groups that I work with is Native students so I feel deeply invested in this dialogue not only for myself but also for my students. And I'm humbled by the thought that I'm witnessing something that has such huge potential for change right now in the way Canada treats its Native population. Fingers crossed, candles lighted, and prayers said that this movement leads to healing and positive change.

In fact, I have to admit that the post Mayan 2012 era feels more positive than I anticipated. No, I never expected the world to end, rather I saw this turn of the calendar as a time of transition wherein the course of human history had the potential to shift positively or negatively, dependent on humanity.

Perhaps my hormones and my invested hope for the future have made me overly optimistic. Maybe I refuse to allow for any other option. But honestly, some of the things I've been watching/listening to on the news, outside of boring pop culture junk, have been very inspiring to me lately because they reaffirm the notion that one person or small group of people can make huge differences, from changing Native discourse in our nation, to being willing to risk their lives to help a pod of Orca whales. My hormonal self finds that inspiring these days. Yup, it makes me feel positively Pollyanna-esque with hope for the future from the most unexpected places. (I may be in a bubble right now, but don't burst it cause you might make me cry... I'm pretty moody)!


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