Thursday, January 17, 2013

Eco baby

You know, it seems so easy but it's harder than it looks to resist all the cute baby stuff. OMG there's a lot of cute baby stuff out there! Seriously. And baby shoes. They just kill me, much to Mr Faye's amusement.

But I'm committed to the idea of being as sustainable as I can when it comes to baby stuff. Here's what I'm doing so far:
  • Accepting hand me downs (crib, high chair, etc). Can I afford the new stuff? Yes and no, but given all the scary stuff about gas off setting from new products, I feel like used is better because it's not adding to the landfills and it's minimizing the toxins (to some degree).
  • I've informed all immediate family members that we're working on a 1 in, 1 out rule when it comes to toys. And we've shared our values in terms of over-consumption with the family in order to forewarn them of the iron fist attitude that is going to be put in place. So far, our parents (mine and his) are very on board. My parents because it's part of their philosophy and his because our nephews have so much and my in-laws are pretty disgusted by it. (shhh... I didn't share that on the internet). We plan on starting a savings account for the baby and we've told everyone that we want to limit gifts to 1 toy only per occasion. If they want to do more they can deposit into the savings account and we'll keep a record of who gave what so that when the kid wants to use the money to travel the world or go to university, it'll know who to thank. (yes, I did just call my baby it).
  • Buying 2nd hand baby clothes. Seriously, go visit your local second hand store. You'll be amazed by how much cute, good quality stuff is there, for really cheap prices. That sleep jumper you bought for like $40, I got for $1.99.
  • I'm committed to cloth diapers. Yes there's still the washing with the water issue but that's better than the landfill issue, to me at least. I'm currently looking at buying them 2nd hand, slowly over the next few months.

That's what I've got so far. Any suggestions that I might have missed? I'm new at this and still willing to take advice!


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