Thursday, January 3, 2013

pagan baby room theme: owls

The bean is out of the closet!

Over the holidays we were outed by relatives (who knew they'd be the ones who couldn't keep their mouths shut, not me)!  At this point, I'm just holding off from the wider friend announcement until I tell my boss first.

But on to even more exciting thoughts.... I'm starting to think about the baby room and I've decided to do an owl theme. I want something that is gender neutral (no pinks or blues), no pastels, but is fun and colourful.

Images from Pinterest

I like the idea of surrounding our little bean with wise owls and colours that represent vitality, earth, tranquility and energy. I'm digging it and Mr Faye is resigned to whatever I choose! Oh yeah, victory is mine... that is, until he starts working on his man cave (aka basement) and he starts demanding carte blanche.

Any other suggestions (keeping in mind my preference for whimsical, colourful, and subtle pagan touches)?


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