Tuesday, January 29, 2013

what my daily practice is looking like lately

Lately I've been shifting things around quite a bit in my practice, tailoring it to work for me.

Obviously this is NOT part of my daily practice, just pretty! 
 In the past a lot of my daily practice has centered around quite a bit of Hermetics. And while this gave me an excellent foundation for a few years, this just isn't working for me these days.

In fact, lately I find myself very adamant about changing things up in my life and redefining my priorities in more pronounced ways.

In terms of my daily practice this means that I've pretty much abandoned the Hermetic stuff for now and have shifted things into a practice that is much simpler but far more emotionally evocative to me.

Here's how I start my days lately:

  • Devotionals to the God and Goddess, the Watchers and the Mighty Dead
  • Self-blessing
  • Yoga (20 minutes of practice)
  • Prayer/Conversation with Aradia and Kernunnos in which I ask them to help me today (remember to see the divine in everyone I come across, to act with kindness and in line with the respect of individual divinity and experience of said divinity, and then offer up prayers for people I know who need help in their lives right now, always with an eye to respecting that they get what they need, not what I think they need)
  • Tarot divination
  • Closing devotional prayer.

All in all this takes me around 40 minutes to an hour. It's not a quick practice and not for everyone, I know. But right now, it's really working for me and I'm going through my day with much more tranquility and grace than I've experienced in a while. I suspect that I'll have to change it down the road as my needs change, but for now I dig it.

Out of curiousity, for those of you who do a daily practice, what are you doing? You know, so I can copy you if it so inspires me?!


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