Tuesday, February 12, 2013

52 weeks of list: giving love to others

Week 6 List of 52 weeks of Lists:

Some days things just work out perfectly. I was having a pissy morning today, mostly because I was left feeling less than stellar about my prenatal appointment (everything is good, it has to do with bed side manner). So I came back into work, just feeling CRANKTANKEROUS! Yes, that's a word: my word for the mood I was in!

And let's not even talk about work politics. Seriously... don't get me started!

So when I saw this prompt, I was less than thrilled about it. Cause honestly, I wasn't feeling the love. But then the universe conspired to make me feel better. My group of fellow facebook ladies expecting this summer talked me off my pissy ledge, helping me get perspective, which stilled the raging beast inside.

And at lunch I sat down with a colleague and we ended up talking about work stuff. I think just having a good vent was all I needed. So now I'm feeling better, which makes me feel a lot more like appreciating the love that is all around me, every day, especially when I need it most but don't expect it. Just being able to stand back and ask for help made a huge difference and helped me gain perspective. Which in turn made me think about how I offer up that help to others.

Yeah, thinking about how I can give love or nurture others was totally what I needed to think about today even if I didn't really feel so inclined at first!


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