Monday, February 4, 2013

52 weeks of pagan art journals: letter to self

And so it begins...

Another year of prompts and this time I thought I'd start with:

Write a letter to yourself, a year from now, about what you hope to get from this journey/year

Here's what I did:

 To start off another round of pagan art journaling prompts... I thought it would be nice to take some time to think about what I hope to get out of the year ahead from this project and also from my spiritual practice.

So I wrote about the things I see as major decisions in my path ahead and skills that I'm hoping to feel more comfortable with by the end of this turn of the sun.

Of note... I finished this page at work (alright, I started AND finished this page at work while on break so my resources were limited).

I upcycled an old, discarded library book (which will be this year's journal for me), used microsoft office word images (lotus and postcard), and played with these acrylic paint crayons that I have (I don't love them but they work in a pinch). I also used tape, staples, and my every day work pen.

Yup, make do and carry on... but squeeze the creativity in any which way you can! That's my motto for the year!


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