Saturday, February 2, 2013

Imbolc Goals

Hmm... I was just looking for my Imbolc goals on the blog today and I realized I never posted them because I meant to add a photo later and never did! Oops. I'm totally blaming this one on hormones. That's my excuse for everything these days!


For this turn of the wheel, this is what I've decided to do:

1. I'm signing up for a basic drawing course. I haven't taken art since elementary school. I'm stoked!

2. Keep up with my new morning routine (allow for modifications as needed because this is about making it my practice, not a set script)

3. Learn about magical herb gardening (as in, what 5-7 herbs should I start with this spring).

4. Start using my Rune sticks (they arrived Thursday and are awesome).

5. Work on prompts for art journaling (ideally get everything pre-planned as far as in advance as I can manage without losing my marbles!

6. Get my butt to this amazing local art show featuring several dissident contemporary Chinese artists (many of whom have had their work banned in China)

7. The weather is warmer... sort of.... so it's time to start walking to the train again, which kills 2 birds: walking and eco sustainability!

8. Start working on the baby's nursery


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