Friday, February 15, 2013

pagan owl nursery room quilt

So I've finally started working on my owl inspired baby nursery. Right now I'm creating the quilt:

I've finished sewing the branch/leaves and am currently working on the colour blocking for the owls. I'm planning on changing the belly colour of the big owl because I feel like it's too much blue. We'll see though. I have to play around with it.

I'm happy with how it's turning out so far (the photo is a crappy iPhone photo, I apologize for the poor quality) because the colours are really fun and cheerful.

I really want Baby Faye's room to be whimiscal, happy, and full of love. To me owls do that in 2 different ways: they make me think of the Horned God and they make me think of my Grandma (who is the bestest person in the world, IMO).

More importantly though, I feel like the act of making the quilt fits in nicely with the idea of surrounding my son with love and all the positive aspirations that I want to fill my life with (ie, living with an open heart and generousity; taking the time to be present and to create memories together). I hope that one day, despite being a boy, he'll be able to see (in the quilt and other things we do along the way) all the love that went into opening our hearts to him and the work we did as a family to nurture him.

To my mind, the fact I think of those things as I'm crafting these items for him, is an act of magic in and of itself.


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