Friday, February 1, 2013

Yule goals recap

First off: Happy Imbolc! 

My Yule 2012 goals were:

1. choose my word of the year: done (it's story... I wrote about it here)

2. read a pagan education book: fail. I was still struggling with energy and I just kept falling asleep (big sigh)

3. fun way to announce baby news to friends: done, see:

 then adjusted to:

4. blog more regularly again: I think I've done better in Jan than I did in Dec, but it's still a struggle

5. pre-natal yoga: Thanks to this post by EcoYogini, I tried YogaGlo and am digging the pre-natal courses, especially cause I can take shorter classes when I'm drained or work it into my morning routine, which is the best time for me to do anything. And seriously... you can't get much cheaper with that much content and variety.

6. water and fruit: ok... I'm doing better. 3 fruits a day (I know, that's a lot but maternity issues (that shall remained unnamed are forcing me into it)

7. finish up project life 2012, yule 2012, and start project life 2013: Ok, finished project life, scrapped the holiday album and have been slowly plugging away at the 2013 album

8. figure out a new art journal prompt: wait for it, I think it's coming soon!


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