Monday, March 4, 2013

52 weeks of pagan art journaling: week 5

This week's prompt:Herbal Healing

Are you interested in herbal healing? Do you use herbs for magical and healing purposes? Can herbal magic/healing replace western medicine? Should it or should they work together? If you grow herbs for healing, what herbs do you grow? Do you have any special practices in relation to growing or harvesting said herbs?

Back when I was just a wee thing at 17/18 years old and really just finding myself spiritually on a pagan path (my god that's 18 years ago now), my good friend and I dreamed of opening a herbal new age shop. I was going to study holistic medicine and grow herbs and she was going to run a shop downstairs selling those herbal medicines and teaching things like belly dancing and chakra work. We even knew where we wanted to open the store, near the water, with a total Zen mellow Goddess loving vibe.

Yes, we were totally hippie teens!

But as Robert Frost wrote: "knowing how way leads on to way" I have since traveled different paths and never come back. Such is life. But now I find myself in a space where I'm thinking of herbal healing again, contemplating what I would grow, how I would grow it, once I have the time to grow my own garden. I've even started a dream list of garden inspiration. I'd like to say that I'll start it this summer but with Baby Faye's arrival, I'm sure that I'll need to hold off until next year. But the goal is there! I'm really keen to learn about magical herbal healing.


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