Monday, March 25, 2013

52 weeks of pagan art journaling: week 8

This week's prompt: Doubts

We all have doubts from time to time; if not about our path then our practice, community, [fill in the blank with your own topic].

In my tradition we talk about how we don't have faith, we know.  I'll be honest, there are days that I find this easier to wrap my head around than others. Some days I don't feel the God and Goddess. Hell, forget days, some months or even years!

That said, I've always had a deep abiding knowledge that there is something, even if I can't define or feel it. The ways that I understand that something have changed and yet remained oddly enough, the same over the years. This knowledge has become more complex and yet at the same time, simpler.

I used to freak out when I went through my dark nights of the soul, moments of spiritual crisis, but I have since come to learn that no matter what, I always come out on the other end reaffirming my faith in there being something beyond simple human perception. And I've come to learn that sometimes, on the other side of these moments of inner reflection/crisis, I emerge with a deeper sense of faith because I've examined it once again only to step back and say, "Yup, I still know there's more. I might not know how to define or experience it right now, but I know there's more."

What about the rest of you? Do you think there is value in those moments of doubt or do you just hate when they come around?


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