Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Imbolc Goals Recap

Another turn of the wheel, another set of goals set and somewhat accomplished.

For Imbolc I set the following goals:

1. I'm signing up for a basic drawing course. I haven't taken art since elementary school. I'm stoked!

I signed up for the course, but it got cancelled. I was given an option to do it later but things got busy and the timing wasn't good so I postponed that option for another day. Alack, alas, this means I didn't achieve this goal but it wasn't for want of trying.

2. Keep up with my new morning routine (allow for modifications as needed because this is about making it my practice, not a set script)

Pinned ImageThis continues to be a hit and miss for me. I'm struggling to do this work, plain and simple. I don't know if this is for lack of commitment or because my mind is fixated on baby stuff and thus not into it. Either way, this continues to be a personal challenge.

3. Learn about magical herb gardening (as in, what 5-7 herbs should I start with this spring).

Woo hoo. Done! I'm going to grow angelica, rosemary, basil, lavender, oregano, vervain, and thyme in a planter that will look something like the image on your right.

4. Start using my Rune sticks (they arrived Thursday and are awesome).

Ok, I still haven't used them yet but that is in large part due to the fact that I'm waiting for the right lunar phase to consecrate them. It's coming soon..... 

5. Work on prompts for art journaling (ideally get everything pre-planned as far as in advance as I can manage without losing my marbles!

All my prompts are done and I'm a few pages ahead so I've got a good buffer zone. That said, I'm struggling a bit with the viability of this project for others. Last time I did this project there was much more interest. Ironically, although I was asked quite a bit about when the next round would be, interest this time around isn't that high. This could of course be due to several reasons:

  • Having lost my initial art journalers/readers
  • Timing for the people who would naturally be inclined to be involved
  • My own presentation of the project this time around
  • The fact that I had a much clearer underlying goal for the project last time and this time I'm less focused on that goal
  • The universe just not being in the space for it this time around
I suppose that my greatest insecurity this time around is the fear that I've alienated readers. Yeah, I hate writing that and admitting it because it makes me seem like a whiny bitch! That's right, I wrote that. Blech. Whatever. It's far too easy to get caught up in blogging popularity insecurities. I never started this blog with any expectations of popularity and so, when it sort of came in the form of a modest, attentive audience, it totally fed my ego. Now that it has quieted, my ego is reacting and I just need to get over that shit cause it's meaningless and a dumb game to play. It's ok that less people comment or that less people are jumping onboard with the project. I never expected it the first time so I shouldn't expect it this time. 

End of insecurity tangent, back to goal recap!

6. Get my butt to this amazing local art show featuring several dissident contemporary Chinese artists (many of whom have had their work banned in China)

I haven't gone yet, but I'm still planning on going. The show is on for until June, so I think it's a goal that I will role over.

7. The weather is warmer... sort of.... so it's time to start walking to the train again, which kills 2 birds: walking and eco sustainability!

Well my car went on the fritz so the universe made it impossible for me not do fulfill this goal. But inevitably I also ended up fulfilling another goal: a newer car, which somewhat undermines yet maintains said goal. My new car is more eco friendly in terms of fuel consumption and is used so it's not adding more to the manufacturing footprint. That said, I'm still driving so I still have a large carbon footprint even if it is reduced by the amount I drive or by my newer car's smaller footprint. 

8. Start working on the baby's nursery

We've started. Shelves in the closet are up and clothes are sorted. We haven't painted yet because the weather dropped again so we couldn't paint with open windows. It'll be something we'll have to put off a bit longer while we wait for spring to really settle in.


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