Sunday, March 17, 2013

moving to bloglovin

So as many of you have already heard by now, Google Reader is shutting down as of July 1st, 2013.

While I love my Google Reader (hello all my blog feeds in one spot, without having to link to the kazillion sites I follow), I'm also sort of seeing this as a blessing in disguise/new beginning to be excited about.

I've been trying to clean out my Google Friends Connect for a long time now, to no avail, so this might be my solution.

On top of which, it offers some interesting ways of finding new blogs to explore. Any time someone subscribes to my blog, I get an email. Being the nosy little internet voyeur I am, I go and check out what they're reading, to see if there's any new blogs to add to my reading list.

So far I've been fairly frugal in my following, but I'm on the lookout!

Speaking of which, do you have any good recommendations? Blogs that you love and think I should be reading?

Oh, and if you're so inclined, please feel free to join me over at bloglovin!


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