Friday, March 29, 2013

New Glasses: Firmoo Review

Buy Cheap Prescription Eyeglasses Online, Reading Glasses, Fashion Eyewear on Firmoo.comI was approached a little while ago by Firmoo to do a product review for a pair of free glasses. Being a glasses wearing kind of gal, I couldn't resist even though product reviews aren't normally my thing.

I've purchased glasses online once before and was mostly happy with the experience (good service, but not thrilled with the frames on me), so I thought I'd take Firmoo up on their option so that I could get a pair of glasses I liked better than my previous online purchase.

That said, let me tell you a bit about the experience:

First: Picking glasses online is daunting. The first time I did it, I tried on several pairs (ok, like a kazillion) in stores, noting down the brands and styles I liked, only to go online and learn that the available styles were different, so I'd wasted a lot of energy on the endeavor. This time I didn't bother because I'd learned my lesson.

Also, having ordered with online before, I was familiar with entering all the required measurements/prescriptions, which made the process easier. Measuring the gap between your eyes or the size of the bridge of your nose is a bit daunting the first time around, but becomes much easier once you are familiar with the process. All this to say, if you decide to buy glasses online, be prepared for the first time around to be a bit confusing! That said, the Firmoo makes it fairly clear with pictures to help you out.

Bonus feature, if you upload a photo of yourself, you can sort of try them on beforehand! The trick is getting the right photo of yourself for the best impression. Be forewarned... this can become a bit of an addictive process!

 Ok, once I picked out frames... ordering the glasses was a bit of a hit and miss for me. This might have been partially because I was dealing with a coupon code, partially because every now and again I can be a bit of a computer Luddite if I can't use the back button. The back button wasn't an option once you made your request, hence the problem. This is the one area in the ordering process that I didn't like that much about the Firmoo site. I wanted to go back and change some options, only to realize that I had to erase the order and start again in order to make the adjustments. It was a minor thing, but a bit inconvenient.

After I got this part of the process sorted (the email service was good: I was answered back within a day when I wrote the agent offering me the promotion asking questions), my order was processed.

What I liked about the order process was that not only did they send me an email confirming my order, they also sent me an update to say that my order was processed and it was too late to change, as well as a just shipped email.

Time it all took? I ordered March 7th, got shipping confirmation March 14th, and had the same evening.

Other perks: the glasses came in a nice case, with a maintenance kit (including the little noseguards which actually broke off my last pair of glasses purchased online).

Overall impression: good. I would recommend them. These glasses are the ones I ordered. If you're interested in some new specs, Firmoo offers a First Pair Free program, so go check it out!


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