Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ostara Goals

Here's what's on the agenda for this turn of the wheel:

1. Spring Cleaning. In particular, spring cleaning my crafting & Wicca space. I've been really in the mood to purge my house. This might be part of the nesting prego instinct but honestly I want to become more minimalist as part of a move towards more conscientious consumerism. Less is more baby and I want my life choices and home to reflect this! There's a 40 days 40 bags challenge that intrigues me that I want to modify and take up for myself in my own home. So I'm setting a bit of a different goal: 1 bag a week (minimum) from now until Beltane (May 1st), so a minimum of 6 bags of goods going out (recycle, donate, or trash as the case may be based on the items in question). Obviously the first 2 are the top options!

Anyone interested in joining me. No official group, just a personal challenge to try to purge and reduce the clutter!

2. Purchase and plant my seedlings for my herbal, witchy garden. I've decided on Angelica, Rosemary, Basil, Lavender, Oregano, Vervain and Thyme as my starting point based on some of their magical and practical qualities in terms of the work and cooking that can be done with each of these items.

3. Consecrate my rune sticks and start using them. I'm looking forward to trying these out. I admit that I find the system simple, yet complex. I'll be sure to share once I get going with them.

4. Give making a Scrapbooked BOS another go (includes working on calligraphy and making ribbon bookmarks). I created a bunch of tea stained foundation pages ages ago, next up, some water marked nature prints. Yay for uber long weekends and fun new projects.

5. Daily cleaning ritual for the house based on something like this:

I'm going to modify the content for my own life, but I like the general premise of this.

Gretchen Rubin in The Happiness Project talks about how the little things like making our beds and decluttering our lives can be part of the process to help us feel happier in our lives, and I agree with her. I'm much happier when my house feels clean. That said, I don't want to become compulsive about it either, I just want a simple reminder of things to do, as I go, in order to stay on top of the mess. I'm going to try this system, see what works and doesn't work for me, and then modify it for Mr Faye and I. I'm thinking it would be fun to make it pretty (cause I like pretty things) like this but with the schedule there to be checked off:

Got this from Pinterest, but there's now track back link, sorry!

6. Pre-natal Fitness. I've been half-heartedly doing yoga at home via YogaGlo and it's great, but as I find myself getting bigger I feel the need for more activity to counter the tiredness that comes with the growing belly. Walking is still not a great option for another few weeks, so I've signed up for a pre-natal aquafit course. 

7. Drink more water and less juice. I've been drinking a lot of liquids lately and now that I've upped my liquid quantities, which is great, I need to be more conscientious about making sure that said liquid is more water based than juice based!

8. Finish reading Tolle's A New Earth. I'm actually really enjoying this book. I resisted it for a long time but I shouldn't have. Often I find that a lot of new age books are just re-packaging the same thing over and over again, so I don't bother. I don't know if it's the time in my life or the lessons I've been working on lately, but this book is happening for me just at the right time in my life. I love it when that happens!


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