Monday, April 15, 2013

52 weeks of pagan art journaling: week 11

This week's post: astrology in your daily life

Do you pay attention to the cycles of the sun and moon in your daily life, or are they relegated to horoscope reading and nothing more? If you do pay attention to lunar and solar cycles through the planets, how do you pay attention to them? What influences do you notice in your life?

This is something that I have struggled on and off again to notice in my life. While I work with the lunar and solar calendar in my workings and keep track of them in my daily life, I'm not always sure how much I notice of their effects in my life. Part of me thinks this is because I don't actually take the time to contemplate said effects, but I'll be honest... It's just not something I'm going to take on at this point in my life and my practice. A waxing moon in Libra might influence me, but I'm not in the space to sort through said patterns.

You know who does though and I totally admire her work in this area? Aine from the Deepest Well.

One day I'll get there... just not today!

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