Monday, April 29, 2013

52 weeks of pagan art journaling: week 13

This week's prompt: Energy

Do you work with energy? How do you experience energy? What do you do to recharge your energy? What senses do you use to attune to the energies around you?

I am someone who feels energy, if I'm willing to be open enough to feel the energies around me. I don't see energy, but I feel it when it comes off of people or places.

For example, I've always been a good judge of character (or so I'm told), but I suspect this has more to do with how I react to people's energy than anything else. And with this, comes the fact that I don't like people getting into my personal space unless I feel comfortable with them. I have a well defined personal bubble that others tend to sense (unless they really are useless with that kind of thing). I sense when people are out of sorts and if there is tension between people, not because of their body language but by the way a room feels with them in it.

And I know that when the world becomes too much for me, taking time by water always soothes me. Always. This is why, when my husband and I were looking for a house, it was imperative to me that said house be within walking distance of water.

Part of this can be due to the fact that I grew up on the West Coast and lived by the ocean my entire life, but part of it goes beyond that. I need water. I would almost venture to say that I need it more than I need any other element, in the material physical sense, in my daily life. Crossing bridges, walking around a lake, sitting on a rock staring out over water, are part of my fundamental make up and as such, integral to me keeping my energies balanced.

What about the rest of you? Do you recharge your energy in different ways? Are you an extrovert who needs people to recharge or a gardener who needs to muck about in the mud to reconnect? What works best for you?


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