Tuesday, April 30, 2013

6 Bags before Beltane (Part 2) Update

The goal was to purge/cleanse the house of 6 bags for donation/recycling/or trash before Beltane.

1 of 5 bags to go from the Faye household

Overall, I think I've done fairly well with this challenge. I've sorted through 3 bags of crafting related stuff, 1 bag of trash, and 1 bag of books/magazines to donate. I was going to go through my clothes to make up the last bag but quickly realized that I'm not a good judge of what to keep or donate at this point because I can't really wear any of it at the moment. So that's a job for down the line, post baby, once I'm back in my regular clothes again.

More importantly, I feel like I've made a significant dent in my crafting supplies by using a lot of my stock in recent projects. From baby soap to soap for Mr Faye and myself, to Baby Talc to burp cloths, I think my upcycling efforts this past turn of the wheel have been pretty dang solid!

Calling this challenge a win for me. My craft space is less cluttered and I feel like what's left is really stuff that I use or will use. I can see what I have more now and I'm pleased with the results. Purging the library is still a challenge for me however. I would have liked to have gotten rid of more of my books but part of me feels like I'm giving away part of my hard earned education when I purge books. Plus, my books just look so pretty on the bookshelf that it's also a decor thing. I know right, totally lame, but true!

Maybe when Baby Faye starts getting into his destructo phase I'll have an easier time sacrificing my library!


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