Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Baby Faye Updates

Just thought I'd share: Today Baby Faye and I enter the third and last trimester before we get to meet each other. How crazy is that?

Baby You've Grown!
Slowly but surely, I'm starting to feel large and a bit cumbersome. Belly is starting to get in the way and I see how the next 3 months are going to an adventure. And well, let's face it, life after that is going to be an even bigger adventure!

In keeping with my eco goals in regards to Baby Faye's carbon footprint, I've been trying to be conscientious about the baby decisions we've been making. From purchasing, upcycling, and everything in between, here's what's what so far:

  • About 98% of the clothes we've purchased for Baby Faye have been bought 2nd hand

  • I made homemade burp clothes from an old towel and pillowcase

  • Our stroller, crib, rocking chair, car seat, high chair, etc are all second hand
  • Our diapers, cloth, are also 2nd hand
  • This weekend we're painting the nursery (Mr Faye has finally moved his office to the basement, aka man cave, and opened up the space for baby-fication) and we're using low VOC paint, leftover from when we painted our living room.
Mr Faye settling into his man cave, all rustic like, until we have $ for bamboo flooring & other greener reno options

  •  I'm upcycling a bunch of old fabrics I bought 2nd hand for projects I never did and making a baby wrap carrier
  • I'm planning on making homemade baby soap from Olive, Casttor oils (both of which I have on hand) and dried organic Chamomile flowers  (I'm going to use this recipe but with way less in the way of chamomile flowers for the steeped infusion)
 All in all, I'm trying to keep things on an even keel, using the resources I have, from my extra consumerism to my community around me, to buying 2nd hand or just saying no to a bunch of unnecessary goods that the baby marketers keep telling newbie mothers that they have to have but don't really need.

I have made concessions though. I bought new fabrics for the baby quilt to fit with the bright colours that I wanted. I justified this as an act of baby bonding love and family history that can be handed down (hopefully). I also bought the cute bear ears hoodie from Old Navy when it was on sale because it was just too cute to say no to:

I will also buy a few things that are just cheaper for me to buy than diy, especially the eco, organic versions of said items. And I am saying nothing about family purchases because I know that I need to choose my battles and that there will be enough battles ahead that this isn't one that I want to engage in.

That's it on the baby front for now.


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