Thursday, April 25, 2013

Baby Faye's Eco Soap

As I've mentioned before, I'm really trying to minimize Baby Faye's (and by extension the Faye family's) eco/carbon footprint. Some projects, when you do the math, are just cheaper to go out and buy, even if it's the expensive eco stuff, than they are to make.

Baby soap, at first, seems to fall somewhere in between. But upon closer consideration, is actually far cheaper to DIY than it appears.

For example, if you're the average Canadian consumer, shopping at Walmart (yes, Walmart is bad, that's another conversation for another day and yes, Johnson and Johnson's is bad... but again, another conversation not relevant to the point I want to make today), a 444 ml bottle of Johnson and Johnson's Baby Wash retails at about $7.79 Cdn.

Doing the math, buying all my soap making supplies ($45 for 4 items, 3 of which, lye, distilled water and castor oil, have enough leftover for many, many more uses and I actually had them already on hand), each bar of soap (which is about the equivalent of one bottle of wash), costs: $2.25.

Baby Faye's soap in an old milk carton. Always trying to use what I've got on hand!

If you factor in the fact that I mucked up the first batch, then each bar cost me $4.50 if I bought all the ingredients from scratch (but I didn't), which is still cheaper. Sweet! Added bonus: Not only do I now how 20 bars of soap, I have eco, high quality, know what's in it, soap for Baby Faye's skin.

Overall, I think it's totally worth it!

Here's what I used (modification of this recipe):

Bio Olive Oil
Bio Castor Oil
Bio Dried Chamomile Flowers
Distilled Water

I divided the quantities into 3/4 the amounts recommended, still using slightly less in the way of dried Chamomile flowers (just because I didn't want to buy the bigger quantity).

Here's the soap out of the mold and curing:

The soap bars are all cut and are sitting on my counter, curing nicely. I will definitely have to think of a better place to store said said while it cures, cause Mr Faye is going to protest if I leave them on the counter for the next 5 weeks!

That said, the soap is really luxurious to the touch and the quality of the ingredients in this soap vs store bought soap are night and day. What can I say, nothing but the best for Baby Faye.


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