Monday, May 6, 2013

52 weeks of pagan art journaling: week 14

This week's prompt: History

How do you see history, particularly in relation to your path?

When I first started exploring paganism, I saw the film The Burning Times, featuring Starhawk. I was really intrigued by the retelling of history from a more feminine, pagan centric viewpoint.

I'm a little more cynical these days about the veracity of all the claims being made in the film (though I do still believe in a fair amount of about the ways the Malleus Maleficarum was used to incriminate and victimize individuals who didn't conform to social standards or who got in the ways of personal agendas).

That said, I don't buy into the pagan/wicca-washing of history either. I think there's some truth in some of the claims, but as a whole, I believe that Wicca and much of what counts as paganism today is based on much more recent history or rewriting of history. This isn't meant to insult the revitalists out there. Or the Wiccans. Hell, I am Wiccan!

But if my studies have taught me anything the art of historical tellings, it is this: history is subject and reflects the agendas of the writer and the society from which it emerges. As such, I feel that it is very important to read any history treatise on magic with a critical, questioning eye, knowing that we may never really know the truth of the past any more than we necessarily know the truth of the present.

But those are just a few of my random thoughts. What do you think?


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