Thursday, May 9, 2013

revisiting an old goal

For Imbolc I set the goal of seeing this art show. I'm pleased to say that I finally made it and it was totally worth it!

Sneak peak of Mr Faye enjoying the show (wow, look at me getting all personal and showing pics not only of myself but also of my partner... next thing you know I'll be posting Baby Faye on the webs too! Who knew. I started this blog with no intention of ever sharing this stuff. I guess things change and so on and so forth):


It was an interested exhibit and the gallery did a nice job of contextualizing the art for those of us (me) who didn't have the cultural knowledge to fully appreciate the work.

It's interesting, lately I've been on an art and culture kick. I suppose I'm trying to squeeze some in before the baby arrives. But I also suspect that it's partially due to the weather being nicer and wanting to get out more. I kind of hate winter. I really think I'm meant to live somewhere warm! What I'm doing in eastern Canada (ok, maybe not east to those who live on the East Coast, but east enough for this West Coast lady), braving Canadian winters, remains a complete mystery to me.

That said, it's been a nice change of pace and has reminded me of my love of art and culture, and why I hold them to be so important in our society even if society doesn't tend to agree. I love it when art can make you think, be it in a photograph, painting, book, or music. I need to remember to do more, even as a mother, to nurture that in my personal life, in the life of my wee little family, and by extension, my community because I do support and show how it is valuable.

What was the last work of art (music, photo, book, movie, painting, etc) that prompted you to think? 


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