Sunday, June 23, 2013

Life Around Here Right Now

Around here, lately:

Much of my time lately has been all about getting ready for baby Faye. From prepping our cloth diapers, refinishing the cradle we were given, adding decor to the light in the nursery (string and washi tape) and getting my belly done in a henna tattoo. I never thought I'd share a photo of my belly on the web, but I guess these are the things that pregnancy does to you...

Enjoying the indiosyncracies and joys of summer! From ducks adapting to their environment and virgin margaritas! I swear, my love of citrus based anything has gotten out of control. If this baby comes out with an orange in his mouth, I won't be surprised!

Between the 2 of us, (cat and I) we've been relaxing and taking things easy. Life is slowing down, which is not always all that easy for yours truly, but my pregnant body has been conspiring to make sure that I keep this in mind. The other day I attempted to do too much and paid for it dearly the next day. Suffice to say, these days have been about doing 1 project a day, napping, reading, eating well, and just trying to enjoy the calm before the storm.

Even Mr Faye is on board with this... we've taken to trying to find time to do the little things, like taking a bike ride to the river and just enjoying the sun, or going out for dinner on a patio and a walk along the river with ice cream (slowly cause I can't walk fast without losing my breath), and just relaxing and reading together. It's been quiet but soothing.

Only 2-3 weeks to go... (Baby Faye seems content to not be a super Moon baby).

Happy Full Moon.


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