Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May: Gratitude Journal

This month I re-started a project but with a new art journaling spin: a Gratitude Calendar.

Honestly, I loved doing it! It was a really good exercise for me this month, especially as I started to get bigger and more hormonal (and sometimes crankier... only sometimes though.... ).

Here's how I did it:

Instead of writing right into my art journal page, I kept track of things in my agenda. I photographed an example from a page that didn't have other stuff in it (or blurred it out with stars and glasses of water). I'm using my Maynard's Celestial Guide more and more these days for keeping track of my practices and opted to use it to for my gratitude keeping as well. The agenda is small and versatile enough to stay in my purse every day, so I don't tend to lose track of the exercise that often. Though, to be honest, there were a few days I had to go back and revisit from memory. I found it much harder to remember the small stuff when I did that. In fact, when I did it the day of, I found that I had a lot to be grateful for, more than I could fit into my little journaling square!

From there I copied it into my journal page on a semi regular basis:

 In the past I would have carried my art book with me, so I would have done it in there, but since I've started using my agenda to record other aspects of my practice, I've found it to be a better alternative.

It works for me right now, so that's what I'm going with for the moment!

I can't wait to start on my June pages. In fact, I'm thinking they're going to be pink. Like electric pink. Oh yeah baby! Cause lets face it, once Baby Faye is in the picture I'm going to spend the rest of my life battling the blue invasion...


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