Tuesday, June 18, 2013

sunrise meditations

It's early in the morning as I write this. I've been up since 3am and my internal clock is completely out of whack.

watching the sun rise in my back yard

While normally I would begrudge my body for dragging me out of bed so early, today I don't mind so much because I'm watching a beautiful, fresh, spring sunrise for the first time after what feels like a long stretch of rain. And it's reminding me that in the grand scheme of things, this is what matters, not all the other hoopla going on in the big bad world around me.

Do you ever have those moments?

Lately I feel like the world has been too much with me; like the world has just been filled with too much woe and angst, as if every story I hear has been one that brings frustration, disillusionment, or sadness. I know it's a phase and it's an interesting one to be going through in juxtaposition with the celebration of life I'm also experiencing at the moment.

I live in a province that has garnered far too much negative media attention (deservedly so) in recent months (hell, year). All of which has made me feel like people are back-tracking into conservative, fundamental, and xenophobic attitudes. And yet, while the "whole" seems this way, individuals belie this over-simplification of the matters at hand. The media stories of hate and intolerance are not the things that I hear coming from my neighbours' mouths, nor my families or friends. The public voices in the media do not represent the people in the world around me and it's so important that I remember this in the midst of the storm otherwise I end up feeling overwhelmed by despair for the world I'm about to bring my son into.

For a long time I debated whether or not to have children because I have struggled with the legacy that our children will be left with in their generation. I do not think that life, despite all of our technological advancements, will be easier for the next generations.

As I watch the sunrise, I'm comforted and saddened at the same time. I hope, beyond hope, that I will be able to give my son those moments of awe and connection with nature in the midst of a chaotic world that far too often leads us away from remembering who we are and what is really important.

I hope that each one of you out there, today, has a moment when you can stop in the midst of the chaos of daily life, to hear the birds sing, smell fresh air and feel cool breezes on your body, while seeing nature, in all her glory, and be reminded of how beautiful and marvelous the world is beyond the nonsensical drama that we create.


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