Monday, July 1, 2013

52 weeks of pagan art journaling: week 22

This week's prompt: Happiness

What defines or creates happiness in your life? What is the difference between happiness and contentment for you?

I see contentment as being vastly different than happiness, and yet, contentment does encompass happiness. For me, happiness is part of the emotional upswing though, whereas contentment is more stable, in the middle ground.

I used to think that happiness was better than contentment, now I'm not so sure. Now I wonder if I may have underestimated contentment.

Don't get me wrong, I still strive for happiness in life. It's just that I see the value of contentment because with it comes a different type of inner balance. Happiness feels more like a high cycle, whereas attaining contentment is more about an even keel state of joy. As I get older, this becomes more and more appealing to me and my practice. Ironically, as I embrace contentment more and more, I find myself much happier in life. I suppose I might even dare to say that contentment might actually be the path to true happiness.


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