Friday, July 5, 2013

Learning Things the Long Way

Sometimes I think that I'm constantly relearning or remembering the same lessons in life. For me, this seems to be the constant reminder that I need to spend a regular amount of time in nature in order to feel content and connected with myself, community, and the people I love.

I know this is a truth in my life. An absolute if you will. And yet, I constantly lose sight of it.

This morning I got up and went for a walk to the water (about 20 mins away at my current pace of waddling) and then just spent an hour sitting, meditating, and observing the water and life around it.

Wednesday night I asked Mr Faye to venture out for a jaunt along the water.

I'm puffy, my feet are swollen and the humidity is killing me right now. But even with all that said and done, getting out by the water is exactly what I need. Alas, I cannot swim in the water around me (I miss my home so much sometimes), so contemplating life next to water is the next best thing.

I feel inspired and energized. I want to create again and get back into my daily meditation practice.

I didn't set any goals for myself for this turn of the wheel but I think I might have to set just one: to get outside more often. To walk and be in nature on a more regular basis. I think it'll make the transition into motherhood smoother and help me keep track of my spirituality more while I'm juggling said transition.


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