Wednesday, July 10, 2013

the count down ends and the count up begins...

Dutifully drinking my red raspberry leaf tea, drinking copious amounts of pineapple juice/eating tons of pineapple, working on some energy practices to accelerate the process, amongst other things.

The baby's room is ready, my Mom arrives later today,  all the diapers are prepped, meals are frozen, I even baked in advance for visitors.

I've crocheted 3 baby caps (2 beanies, 1 bear hat), and a kimono sweater. I've started dreaming about life with Baby Faye and finally feel like it's really real and that I'm excited about meeting him now.

But there is a wait ahead. A very normal, happens to tons of women, wait ahead. Which for this instant gratification girl, is something of a lesson. I actually read this lovely article about the wait being a time of spiritual preparation for motherhood, which was totally what I needed to be reminded of at the moment.

But that said. I'm ready. Or rather, we're as ready as we can be. After several long months of trying to wrap my head around this thing called motherhood, I finally feel like I can do this. And that I can do it without completely losing myself in the process, which is something that held me back from motherhood for a long time. Now I'm just waiting for Baby Faye to catch up and for my body to be ready.

Fingers crossed though that he comes sooner than later so that he can spend some time getting to know his Grandma before she has to go home and so that we can do this birth naturally, without medical inductions/interventions. I really want to be able to have a birth that is as natural, holistic and zen (as a birth can be) as possible, despite the fact that I couldn't have a midwife because there aren't enough in my region.

If things suddenly change and I'm busy with life on the other side of the waiting game, I wish you all a lovely summer. There are art journaling posts scheduled until the end of August, but that may or may not be all you hear from me for a while.

To quote Mr Faye: "We'll see how it goes."


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