Monday, September 30, 2013

52 weeks of pagan art journaling: week 35

This week: Love

Over the past few months I've been awed by finding love in the most unexpected places. The celebration of Baby Faye's arrival has not only reminded me how blessed I am, but how blessed he is right from the get go.

But in all of the baby stuff has been the reminder that the Goddess/God are with me, always, even when I lose sight of it. I've spent my life forging connections and building love, of various shapes and sizes, in my world, all of which are a reflection of the divine. The pure generosity that can be found in love, given freely, without any expectations on behalf of the giver or receiver, is truly a humbling token of what divine love in day to day life should be (I think).

Ironically building a family has reminded me of all the different ways I am loved. As a fellow covener, as a co-worker, as a neighbour, as a friend, relative, etc. Hell, it's even reminded me of how loving strangers can be when we allow them to be (it has also at times reminded me of how self-centered we have become too, but let's focus on the love today)!

I think it can be challenging at the best of times to remember to see and look at the people in our lives, strangers or friends, with that type of love (without expectation). And yet, every time I do, I am humbled by how amazing and sacred it is. You know?


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