Monday, September 16, 2013

52 weeks of pagan art journaling

Prompt: Community

I've written a lot about community in this space and here I am, coming back to it again. I guess it's because community, particularly spiritual community, is something I struggle with and long for.

A while back a friend made the point that she always longed for a coven based community and has now come to recognize that this may never be. Instead she sees that she has a spiritual community in bits and pieces around her, in ways she never expected. It's not the tidy whole package she expected, but it's still there.

This comment got me to thinking about the ways that I too have such a community but that I've been taking it for granted or not nurturing it properly because it doesn't fit into the mould that I expected of it.

For example, my very best friend, K, isn't Wiccan or even pagan, she's new agey agnostic. For the past few years I've not really talked to her much about my spiritual development/practices because I just figured that it wouldn't interest her. And yet, when I let down the wall of secrecy, I was reminded that she used to be one of my go to spiritual conversational people. We used to sit by the ocean, with our slurpees (we were young) and hash out our spiritual questions and mysteries.

On my last trip home, we sat by the ocean, with our coffees (cause we're older now and slurpees just don't cut it these days), and revisited old themes and new questions. And it was perfect because it was real and in depth, and honest.

And it was poignant because it made me realize what could be if I open the door and look at who and what is already in the room with me.

Who is in the room with you? Are you seeing them and what they bring to the spiritual table? I know that this is something that has been an evolving re-awakening in my life.


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