Saturday, October 26, 2013

8 reviewed: day four

celebrations of abundance

This one goes to a simple celebration: a small dinner party with my son's godparents a few days after we came home from the hospital with Baby Faye. They came over, bearing a cornucopia of gifts (food, belly massage oil, baby blanket, etc). The generosity was overwhelming and the thoughtfulness behind all the gifts, from bringing dinner to helping us set stuff up and making us feel human again after the roller coaster ride that was the delivery experience. 

It was the most amazing reminder that not only have we picked the bestest godparents/guardians for our son, but that our world is surrounded with an abundance of love. I think I have shed more tears over the overwhelming love that has been shared since Baby Faye's birth than I have over the hardships that have marked the motherhood journey. That dinner not only made us feel like we weren't going it alone, but that we had a community of love to lean into; people to celebrate with us and to hold us when the going gets tough. 

Hell, I get weepy eyed just thinking of it now. Stupid mama hormones... I'm a bloody mess! 


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