Wednesday, October 23, 2013

halloween decor

I think I might have been waiting my entire adult life to make the holidays special for someone else.

I know, that's an odd statement but it's true. I love the holidays. All of them. Wiccan or Muggle. I've been looking for reason to justify going full force on the holidays and making them magical for someone else for years.

And now, even though he'll never remember it, Baby Faye has given me that reason to go there and do it with a bang.

So let me share some of what I've been up to in regards to holiday decor around here:

This is what I have so far for the mantle. I'm eventually planning on replacing the paintings with a mirror (as a permanent home decor thing) so I think that next year things will work better together thematically. What can I say, the bamboo painting just doesn't quite fit, you know? The banner is from here

Some close ups:

My husband is vastly amused by my fall love of candles. As soon as the weather got colder, I started lighting candles. I think they've helped me get more into the season.

And then there's the dining room. I created these candle holders for our dinner table:

They're simple really. I took some fabric and vellum paper and wrapped them around some candle holders I already had. And then added these bats to finish things up:

Simple touches, but just enough to make the house feel Halloweeny! Later I'll show you what we did outside!


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