Wednesday, November 27, 2013

baby and syncing/grounding energies

Before Baby Faye was born, I would do regular grounding/syncing energy practices. Picture the famous tree meditation and you'll get a something of an idea of what I was doing, on some level. My practice had me a bit less focused on rooting and more focused on tapping into a universal energy current.

During some of my hardest moments with Baby Faye, I've gone back to that practice, pulling on that current, to help calm myself, relax, and let go of my frustrations. It has been invaluable for me as a new mother struggling with her feelings of post partum resentments (which I've spoken about before).

And somewhere along the way I've started noticing how the practice, when done with Baby in my arms, impacts him and how I tap into his energies.

When I use this exercise to relax, it almost always leads to him relaxing too. Yes, I know, this seems like a no brainer and something that might be just common sense because he calms down when I calm down.

But there's a catch, because when I pay attention to his energies while I'm doing it, I realize how completely synced our energies are. How, despite the cord being cut, he is so very much still attached to me. And that during this exercise, his energy pulses completely in sync with my own. That he is part of my own energy field, a small ball of additional energy, in tune with my own. He is his own, and yet, flows with me.

It's amazing and intriguing. And totally makes sense but surprising at the same time. I wonder if the same happens when he is with his father. I wonder if energy flows between his Dad and I in the same way when we are in sync. My husband is far to skeptical of my hippie dippy ways to patiently let me figure this out, so alas, I'll likely never really know!

I find myself wondering if this will always be this way, or if he will outgrow it as he learns of himself as a self/entity other than me.

I suppose that time will only tell. But in the meantime, I'm quite enjoying the side benefits of my relaxation/grounding exercise: calm, sleepy baby! Bestest baby sleep routine ever...


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