Monday, November 25, 2013

building a new routine post baby

Baby Faye hit the 4 month mark recently (where did the time go) and this particular milestone is important because it means that he's starting to settle into patterns. Those patterns might be in flux for a while, but things are starting to have a shape to them around here and I have a better sense of what I can expect in my day.

After 3 + months of anything goes, this is an amazing place to finally be at. Why? Because it means that slowly but surely, my life is starting to have a pattern to it. It means that I can start reintegrating or introducing practices into my daily life.

Why yes, that is my freakishly large big toe :)   Getting back to my mat = happy morning meditation

For now I'm keeping it simple. I'm working on doing a bit of yoga in the mornings. Sun Salutations to start the day, followed by a bit of time in Corpse Pose to get in touch with the energies around me. Once I get that in as a routine, I'm hoping to try some Moon Salutations to end my day. I don't know how well these will work out for me though because I've always struggled with end of the day routines.


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