Monday, November 4, 2013

embracing the pumpkin craze!

I don't know if you've noticed but this year there seems to be quite the abundance of all things made with pumpkin. Honestly, aside from pumpkin pie and pumpkin oil (it's a Slovenian thing and my in-laws use it on all their salads... it's one of those love it or loathe it things... I love it), I've never really done much with pumpkin.

Also... I have never actually cooked real pumpkin. I've always bought the canned stuff.

But I'm trying to make a move towards real foods as much as possible. With that in mind, I decided to attack my pumpkins post Halloween (not the ones we carved... they weren't too healthy looking. But we had 2 extras because my in-laws bought Baby Faye a pumpkin on top of the one that we bought to carve for him. Neither got carved). Waste not, want not... those pumpkins met my butcher knife and are being sacrificed to the alter of experimentation.

If you're ever curious to try it, here's what I did:

wash the pumpkins
cut it open like you would for carving

cut it in half and start gutting it


Peel and cut into smaller pieces. DO NOT peel this with a potato peeler. I busted mine and I had a really good one :(
Put in pot, add water, boil until soft (25 to 35 min)

Smash 'em into puree to be used in recipes
I've only cooked about 1/3 of my stash right now. The rest will get done this afternoon. I plan on freezing most of it into 1 and 2 cup quantities for baking purposes later (I can only eat so much pumpkin). I found the pumpkin really soft and easy to mash. I might run it through my mini food processor to make it smoother, but then again, I might not.. we'll see)

The hardest part about doing this was cutting and peeling because the skin is tough and the pumpkins were large and unwieldy. I cut them into small sections to manage better. It took me about 30 mins (interrupted by Baby Faye) to get it done.

First thing I'm making: Ginger Pumpkin Scones. I mixed the dry ingredients last night and will add the wet stuff in this afternoon while I cook the rest of the pumpkin. I'll let you know if they're any good!


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