Thursday, November 21, 2013

oil pulling adventures: day one

I've been reading about oil pulling for a while now and have been meaning to try.

While today I started. I used high grade oil, combined with lemon essential oils, as recommended by this essential oil blogger. I added 4 drops of lemon oil to 4 oz of olive oil, and then took 1 tablespoon of the mix. When it hit my mouth I wasn't too thrilled, but churning it around activated the lemony flavour.

And it lasted for about 2 minutes before it hit my gag reflex. Like, really hit my gag reflex.

Interesting to note though, when I spat out the oil, it was opaque.

What have I learned from this first attempt?

That maybe I should be using a different oil? Though I can't quite figure out how one would use coconut oil as it's solid (or at least any time I've seen it in a store, it's solid). Honestly, the thought of melting it before using it seems like a step too many. I'm all about a process being easy in order for it to be successfully integrated into my routine. But I read in her comments section that the oil melts in your mouth super fast so maybe it wouldn't be so bad?

Add more essential oil into the mix. I was being conservative with the oils because I'm just starting with ingesting essential oils and am probably being a little too cautious as I figure my way around. I might also add some of the Thieves oil that I have into the mix. I'm leery of doing it with clove oil as I've heard it be quite strong (though I plan on using on Baby Faye when he starts teething so maybe I should try it)!

Anyone out there do oil pulling? Have any tips?


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