Monday, December 2, 2013

how the universe conspires to teach yours truly via a Mini Cooper ad

Don't you just love it when it feels like the universe (gods) conspire to deliver you the one perfect life lesson through the most random sequence of events and/or people?

I know I do.

Recently I've had myself all tangled up in knots over what has felt like a blocked conversation with my husband over the Christian vs Pagan holidays at this time of year.

As a new mom, but even beyond that, as a new family/home owner, I have this burning desire to carve out some of the traditions that will define this season for us together in our home, with our family, as a family.

This has created a fair bit of anxiety in me lately because honestly, it is so easy for all of my practices to get shoved under the rug in the face of family traditions, his and mine, and the easier surface traditions of society and the season. After all, I love Christmas and always have. I love lighting the advent candles every Sunday leading up to Christmas. I love advent calendars. I love the lights and the songs, etc, etc.

But what do you do when you're a pagan and you're trying to make sure that the holidays don't just become all about the Christian celebration? It's easy to fall into that trap because let's face it, most of us (not all) have families who follow the Christian celebration (even if they celebrate it secularly).

So what does all this have to do with the universe conspiring to hand deliver a message to yours truly?

Background context? I suppose I could just get to the point and tell the damn story already though, couldn't I?

Ok, point of context: yours truly was freaking out about holiday traditions and feeling the need to assert/insert herself and her traditions into the season but struggling to find ways that would flow.

After meditating on it (didn't work, just got pissier with Mr Faye), I turned to my best friend to hash it out. She listened patiently and then said, "I had an interesting conversation with my Dad today that I think can help".

Here's the gist of it:

Her Dad's boyfriend is studying marketing and he came home to talk to her Dad about the advertising campaign for the mini Cooper being all based on being different, ie selling difference as an identity of choice.

Now the boyfriend really didn't take the conversation beyond the commentary on the branding being done. But this conversation between partners led to my best friend and her Dad having a conversation about our obsession as a society with being different only to ultimately end up being the same in the end. Because we all want to be unique, and many of us actively seek out to not be the norm, only to create a new norm.

Once upon a time, it wasn't normal to have tattoos. Now it's almost a rite of passage and abnormal not to have tattoos. Or piercings. Or funky hair colors. [insert whatever new common trend you can think of].

Ultimately the point he was making to her was that we need to question why we are seeking the different. Is it to rebel against what is, or is it to stand up for something that is genuinely important.

So after my freak out, my best friend pointed out this: is the 21st vs the 25th that important? Or is the meaning and message more important. Or because she's all about the self-help counselling stuff: the feeling that is being manifested (seriously, I miss BC and my BC hippie/yuppie world).

And it was like the gates opened and the weight lifted from my chest. Because I was fighting over peanuts. In the end, the traditions that we create will matter more in terms of the meanings we teach and imbue in them than the dates we choose to celebrate them on. I don't need to make it about the Solstice vs Christmas. It can be both, intertwined, in an easy flowing exchange. I don't have to fight so hard to assert myself, I'm already there.

And somehow, an ad campaign for a car, and the perfect timing and openness of each person in the chain of conversation, led to me having my epiphany and receiving the message I needed to hear.

Fuck I love how the Universe works. I really do. The answers are there if you're open to them. I just tend to be so busy beating my head against the brick wall that I miss them. But not today. So thank you. I feel truly blessed and awed by it all.

Here's hoping that the Universe is flowing well in your pocket of the world. Much love and season's blessings as the light and days prepare to lengthen again.


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