Tuesday, December 31, 2013

one little word 2014: health

Every year, for the past 3 years, I've chosen a word to set the tone for the year. The first year I chose nurture, then balance, and finally story.

baby Faye & I have big goals this year
Nurture was all about nurturing creativity. I really started this blog (instead of dabbling) that year. I started thinking about ways to nurture both my creative and spiritual self through community in 2009. I think that I leapt in, somewhat too quickly, in my enthusiasm in at times burned bridges because I hadn't sussed out the lay of the land yet. But it was a good year, full of rewards and lessons learned.

Balance was about trying to find a better balance between the leaps I'd taken and my every day life (work, marriage, coven, creativity). I honestly lost sight of this word and while I don't know that I failed per se, I definitely didn't find the balance I set out to find.

Story was the perfect word for 2013 as our story as a family changed drastically this year. The first half of the year was about preparing and also making time to do things together as a couple before Baby Faye arrived. From going to a roller derby show to prepping the nursery and brunches to art gallery exhibits the first half of this year's story was full of fun adventures. The second half was expectedly less adventurous in the typical sense of the word but still quite the roller coaster ride.

This year I'm choosing Health as my focus of the year. I would like to have health in a few aspects of my life, namely: physical, spiritual, and financial.

  • Physical: I haven't mentioned it here (other than in a reply to a comment) but during and post pregnancy, I've learned that I have gallstones and a few other minor health issues that have left me thinking a lot about my overall health. The gallstones were a bit of a surprise because honestly as a vegetarian my diet isn't so fatty that it was an expected health condition. But closer analysis at my eating habits and my sedentary lifestyle over the past few years has me more aware of how things need to change in that regard if I want to be actively involved in my son's life, particularly as an older mom. So 2014 is a year of rethinking my eating, exercise and overall physical health. My husband is on board as he is also looking at his own health and realizing that he wants to be in better health for our son. We're meal planning, trying to eat more real foods, and trying to clean up our eating habits. I'm not sure what he plans to do for physical exercise but one thing at a time.
  • Financial: Gah. I hate money. I hate thinking about it or talking about it but there you have it. By the end of 2014 I want to have next to nothing on my credit card and plan on reducing my credit limit significantly as it only gets me into trouble. Every. Single. Time! So each time that I reduce my debt there, I'm calling the credit card company and getting them to lower the limit. This is the year of limited spending. Less on crafts, less on clothing, less on everything!
  • Spiritual: This is a  little vaguer. For now it involves carving out some daily rituals that nurture my sense of spiritual well being as I move away from coven/community based spirituality. It involves opening myself up to the universe and trusting that if I listen, I will find what I need, as I need it. And with that, one of my big goals towards establishing spiritual health is working on uniting my everyday self with my spiritual self. I'm so tired and frustrated by the schism that marks my spiritual nature. I'm exhausted by downplaying or neutralizing my spiritual path in order to make it politely comfortable and acceptable for others. So this year, the goal is to find ways unite my spiritual path with my daily life in ways that won't have people telling me that they just assume I'm an Atheist because I don't seem to have a religion. This has created what feels like a wound in my psyche and it's got to go. 
So those are my health goals for the year ahead. What are yours? 


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