Tuesday, December 17, 2013

yule crafting extravaganza

Phew, I've been busy these days! I'm trying to make this a crafty Yuletide season, which means that yours truly has had her hands occupied for weeks now! Between baby, baking, stitching, gluing, etc., it's been a festive chaos.

Here are a few of my creations:

Handmade Holiday Cards:

First Holiday Ornament:

For the grandparents, brother, godparents, us.... and then custom made ones for friends in gold, green, pink, blue, etc. Thinking about selling these in my etsy shop next year. I just need to convince my husband and father in law that they totally want to cut that many wood blocks for me!

Homemade chai (delicious)

Next time I make it, I think I'll make it in bulk and can it as the recipe doesn't have a long shelf life apparently. But overall, it tastes delicious and was a hit with the friend I gave it to.

Added perk, the house smelled yummy and festive while simmering.

Aprons for my nephews:

These are still a work in progress (and full of mistakes but my nephews are forgiving).  They've become interested in Master Chef Jr so we're giving them cookbooks and aprons. Hopefully they'll like them!


I've actually turned this amazing feat and formed a community of mothers in my area. Women I don't know that I would necessarily have befriended outside of motherhood, but an amazing wealth of support and friendship, in person (not online), to help me get through the bumps of motherhood. Such a blessing and an answer to a call that I put out to the universe in my darker hours.

And last but not least, decorating our home for the holidays:

Kitty Faye, as always, was in the midst of it all, determined to be seen and loved, and most importantly, not forgotten because Baby Faye has taken her spot in the limelight. Yes, we are nurturing a bit of furbaby jealousy these days! Thankfully Baby Faye is becoming a bit less dependent (as in he'll play with his toys on our rainbow floors - which, as one friend puts it, looks like a rainbow vomited in our living room - she has the matching set) so now there's more time for kitty love.

That said, I hope you all had a lovely full moon and that your days as the light gets ready to become stronger again, feel full of love and hope.

Blessings of the season.


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