Sunday, January 12, 2014

daily gratitudes

What kind of gratitude practices do you have in your day to day life? Or do you have any?

Over here in Faye land, we're trying to infuse a little more gratitude into our daily routine so we've started a new tradition: at dinner saying one thing we are grateful for during that particular day. It can't be something like I'm grateful for my family or for the love in my family. No, it has to be from something that happened that day, so for example: I'm grateful for the funny birthday card I received because it totally made me feel like that person got me and took the time to find something that totally is me. It was sweet and totally awesome.

Want to see? I know you're curious:


It's totally a little thing but it's funny to me and it made me thankful to have people in my life who understand my lit geeky humour.

Mr Faye and I have talked a lot about what types of traditions we want to bring into our lives and why, and this one sort of fits the bill the best. He grew up in a home where they prayed before every meal but it became meaningless because it was the same prayer every day and it was done without thought. Within my Wiccan tradition there is a prayer before meals that we could do, but honestly I worry it would become the exact same thing: by rote ritual, which is something neither of us wants as a tradition.

So we like the idea of taking a family gratitude moment because it changes every day, makes us have to reflect back on our day, and remember something positive in it. We hope that as a tradition it'll help both us and Baby Faye remember to be thankful for what we have and to have a more positive outlook on our daily lives. It's so easy to get bogged down in the complaints and negativity. And while they have their place, we'd like to work on fostering happiness and a sense of peace in our lives through gratitude.

What do you think, do you have suggestions on ways to grow the practice or things that you do differently that you'd like to share.


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