Thursday, January 23, 2014

diy toothpaste update

So I've been using my diy toothpaste for 2 weeks. I'd call it a success so far.

One thing to note though... baking soda is REALLY salty. I should have known this... you know the soda part should have given it away but honestly I just never thought about it. For the first week I was drooling, yes salivating/drooling, as I brushed my teeth as something about the saltiness hit my salivary glands and sent them into overdrive.

Not pretty, but really how pretty is brushing your teeth anyways?

I get why people add stevia to the mix. Before I was really perplexed by it. I haven't done it, but might try with the next batch. I always have such problems with stevia though that I'm loath to do it because I find it WAY too sweet, even with the most minute amounts.

All in all though, I find my teeth feel really clean. Like fresh from the dentist clean. I dig it. I'm used to the saltiness now, so I may leave it as is. Or maybe I'll add more peppermint?

Definitely a successful pinterest hack!


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