Tuesday, January 21, 2014

elemental working: art journal

One of the things I've been trying to work on lately is elemental connections, states of mind, and energies as they are at work in my life. During one of my meditations (one of those great mornings I was able to sneak in a full practice), I was struck with inspiration (I fracken LOVE it when this happens).

I'm going to art journal my elemental meditations. Over a week (possibly more depending on Baby Faye's attitude), I'm going to take time to meditate artistically on each of the four elements. Here's my first week (it was a rough week so it's pretty simple):

I opted to paint each element in it's very basic colour, thinking that I'd go back and spruce it up with extra layers. This week just didn't allow for it but that's ok, it still works for me. It's super simple and was done in stages as time allowed, perfect for this mama!

air/east: decided to focus in on the big realization/life lesson I feel like I'm working on at this point. This is something I've been really starting to see as a pattern in my life and am, now that I've had the lightbulb epiphany/awareness of this as a pattern, working on stepping back and being my own answer, my own instigator, cheering squad, and motivator. It's so simple and yet very profound at this point in my life as Mr Faye and I are hashing out spiritual identities in our family and how we are going to raise Baby Faye in a multifaith home. It's also super important as I am learning to let go of friendships that will never be what I want them to be, particularly now that there is so much distance (physical/emotional) between myself and said friends. Overall I feel like learning to stop looking for things in others that can't be is important because it speaks to recognizing their journey, their divinity, while also recognizing my own needs and expectations in order to have more honesty on my own journey. Does that make sense?

fire/south: I'm still working on anger. I've made some interesting realizations in my life about how my body has been storing anger. I am having gallbladder problems and going to have an operation to remove it in the, hopefully, not so distant, future. I weighed in on the option of monitoring the illness with diet vs the operation and ultimately, given how incapacitating the attacks are when they hit and the fact that I don't actually eat that much fat, opted to go the surgery route. What does this have to do with anger? Well recent research into aromatherapy and acupuncture has taught me that the body stores anger in the liver/gallbladder, both of which are problem areas in my health (jaundice, hepatitis A, and now gallstones). In fact, over the past few months, even before realizing this information, every time my anger, resentment, or frustrations really flared up, my gallbladder also acts up (sometimes acutely, sometimes minor flare ups). So I am working on my triggers, the biggest at the moment being sleep. There is only so much I can do about this at the moment but Mr Faye is stepping up a lot to help me rest more on the weekends/evenings so that I can work on mellowing out and balancing my internal fires.

water/west: Now is a time in my life when I feel particularly called to work on some of the family issues I have in my life. I've been suppressing them for ages because I can't change the family I have. And trust me, there are days that I really wish that I could. This family work that needs to be done on my part is messy but well timed as I am nurturing my own young family.

earth/north: Ironically for this particular element I spent time outdoors, walking north towards the river with Mr Faye and Baby Faye. We're thinking of taking up snowshoeing because there's a path right behind our house that we can venture on, as well as many in the village just a couple kms away. As someone who grew up out west, I don't do well with winter sports. I feel cabin feverish during the winter, so we're trying to get outdoors more on warmer winter days. I wish that I'd taken pictures because it was barren, cold, and beautiful (but alas, I was trying to be present in the moment).

Have you ever done elemental work via art journals? What did you do and how did you find the work?


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