Wednesday, January 1, 2014

the art of detachment


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Can you hear it?

You're reacting right now. Thinking about what I've written, how I've written it, and what you think of it.


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Look. Examine the reaction. Is it positive, negative, judgemental, defensive, other? (No need to tell me by the way, I'm good not knowing)!

When you think about the last thing you said or did, what was that action or reaction based on? When you examine it closely, are you happy with the reaction? Surprised? Does it nurture you or spread toxic energy? Is it necessary? Or is it based on fear, hurt or shame?

Every day, every moment, we are reacting. Learning to detach from an event or reaction in order to understand it's root cause is one of the great works of meditation.  When I was younger, learning about Buddhism, for the first time, I remember learning about this concept of detachment and thinking that it was totally not for me. I wanted to live a life full of passion, energy, love -- not detachment. The idea seemed off to me and honestly, was one of the reason why paganism appealed to me more -- because it was more actively engaged in the world.

Now, through the lens of reaction, I understand the concept of detachment much better than I did then. And I appreciate the nuances and complexity of detachment in ways that I didn't then.

And I think that one of the greatest things I've taken away from my meditation practice is learning to stand back every now and again and realize that I am busy reacting based on anger or hurt and not based on who I want to be or what I want to manifest in my life. Don't get me wrong. More often than not, I react because I react, but every now and again I remember to stop, listen, and hear my inner voice before reacting.

The beauty of it is, the more I learn to stop and reflect, the easier it gets and the more I see how the God/Goddess are with me all the time, offering signs/advice if only I'm willing to see them. When I stop and listen, the signs are everywhere and things seem clearer than they usually are.

Now if only I could remember to stop and listen more often before reacting.

One day I'll get this detachment thing down. One day. Maybe in the next lifetime or in the one after that! Eventually.


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