Thursday, February 6, 2014

say no to monkey mind, just say no

Do you ever feel like life works in the most randomly beautiful ways? Like if you slow down the inner skeptic long enough, your intuition/the universe is there with answers and signs for you when you sometimes least expect it?

I do.

And lately, as I am finding my way back into my practice and developing my own path, I'm finding it easier and easier to notice how synchronicity is at work in my daily life, guiding me with more clarity than I've felt I've had in a while.

It's a beautiful thing. And it reminds me why I've always been someone who believes in the divine.

More importantly, it reminds me that when I get caught up in the head games, the inner should I, shouldn't I monologue of my over-active Monkey mind, I lose sight of the forest for the trees. When I let go and find my inner calm, I flow more and am more open to the lessons, hints, nudges, and general love the universe is offering up to me on a daily basis.

It's a beautiful, yet simple gift, but one that I struggle to remember far too often. I feel like my new life mantra should be: just say no to the monkey mind, just no. Step away and let go of it. Maybe I'll paint myself a sign to hang up in craft room, or better yet, for the mirror in my bedroom so I see it every day, repeatedly!


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